Spring Break

For spring break, my family drove to North Carolina.  We started by driving on Skyline Drive.  My mother said that from the end of Skyline Drive it was an hour and a half to Asheville, North Carolina.  We later found out that it was six hours away including traffic.  We did not arrive in Asheville until midnight.  When we finally found The Pines Cottages we went right inside our cottage and fell asleep.

The next morning, we needed to find breakfast; so, we went to Vortex Doughnuts.  The price of their orange juice is really high, but the doughnuts are amazing.  They are vegan.  I had a mixed berry doughnut.  My mother and my sister had the doughnuts with cinnamon and chocolate drizzle.  Then, we walked around a little bit.  We found that next door to the doughnut shop was a barbeque shop.  Even though we had just had doughnuts, we decided to eat some barbeque too.  The restaurant is called Buxton Hall BBQ.  It is quite a beautiful building and the food is amazing.  I had a pulled pork sandwich with a side of fries and coleslaw.  My mother and sister had pulled pork with mac ‘n’ cheese, coleslaw, and mashed sweet potatoes with country ham.  Afterward, we went to the Biltmore to buy tickets to go the next day.  Once we had bought tickets, we stopped at a gift shop outside of the entrance for Biltmore.  We found that they had limonade!  We haven’t been able to find it since we went to Paris because it is more of a French thing.  Then, we went shopping in the downtown area.  It was a really cute town.  One thing that we did not do that I would suggest seeing is the before I die wall.  It is a wall in the town where you use chalk to write your dreams.  We went to a bookshop and bought a few books by local authors.  The lady at the checkout counter told us that there was a bookcase with a ton of books that aren’t released to the public, yet.  So, she let us have some of them for free because she thought that we love to read.  Once we were finished at the bookshop, we went to find our car.  We then drove to a restaurant called Mellow Mushroom.  We had seen one of those restaurants on the way to Asheville, North Carolina.  It is a really cool restaurant.  However, the pizza wasn’t that amazing.  To be completely honest, I would rather have pizza from Chuck E Cheese.  After eating, we went back to our cottage and watched some television.

The second day in Asheville brought us to the Biltmore.  We actually went to the world’s fanciest McDonald’s for breakfast and then went into Biltmore.  It was beautiful!  We had used the audio tour guide; however, I did not find it to be that interesting.  We were very lucky to have an exhibit in the house that included dresses from some of my favorite movies, including Pride and Prejudice.  We went to the courtyard for lunch.  The food is extremely unreasonably priced and if you are planning to stay there all day, be prepared to dish out some cash.  You are not allowed to have outside food or drinks at Biltmore.  Once the main building closed, we walked down to the gardens.  It was very pretty.  Once the gardens were closed, we drove up to a little town of the Biltmore Estate and found that most of the shops were closing.  So, after we looked around in one of the shops, we drove back to The Pines Cottages.  Unfortunately, I had missed the returning episode of Arrow on the CW and I just went to sleep.

The next morning, we packed our bags and were almost ready to go home.  Then, a random cat ran into our cottage!  We let it sit with us while we were packing and I started playing with it.  Once we actually needed to leave to be home in time for my party, the cat ran under the bed and wouldn’t come out.  It took about ten minutes for us to scare the cat from under the bed.  After we finally had the car packed and the cute cat out of the cottage, we started driving home.  We automatically stopped at one of our favorite fast-food restaurants, Chick Fil A.  I had chicken nuggets, fries, and sweet tea.  Then, we drove home.  It took a long time to drive home and we had to move my birthday party time back by two hours, but we eventually got home and picked up my friends for my party.

-Sarah, The Sarah Statement

Do you want to go where I’ve been?  Well now  you can!  Here are the links to the places I’ve been.  Also, be sure to check out the pictures that I took in Asheville in my new picture gallery!

Vortex Doughnuts:  http://vortexdoughnuts.com/

Biltmore Estates:  http://www.biltmore.com/

Mellow Mushroom:  http://mellowmushroom.com/

Buxton Hall BBQ:  http://www.buxtonhall.com/

The Pines Cottages:  http://www.ashevillepines.com/

Before I Die Wall:  http://beforeidie.cc/site/asheville/

Asheville Bee Charmer:  http://ashevillebeecharmer.com/our-retail-store/


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